Whales, Jet Boats and Dolphins: The Paradise Called Vilamoura

Dolphins are always a good sight to see. They are like the puppies of the ocean. Bright, friendly and always cheerful: dolphins and children seem to form a bond right away. Every time a child spots a dolphin you can almost automatically see happiness in the eyes of the child every time it bounces around the coast. One of the popular dolphin viewing sites is Vilamoura in Portugal. It is one of the biggest and widest tourist spots in whole Europe with approximately two thousand hectares of land. It is also accessible since the Faro Airport is near it. This makes the idea of hiring a jet boat in Vilamoura and taking your kids to go dolphin and whale watching a very good plan.

jet boat in vilamoura

Vilamoura at a glance

What makes Vilamoura well known across the globe is its marina. Its marina is home to more than a thousand boats (you read that correctly). This makes hiring a jet boat in Vilamoura very easy even if you are not from the said area. Since the marina has boats and boats need owners, passengers and cabin crew members, it is surrounded by numerous hotels and casinos. It also has a white sand beach that extends to the whole coastline of the said area (up to Algarve). This is where the best of both worlds collide – a┬ádesirable place for the kids and for the kids at heart alike.

The abundance of dolphins, whales and similar species in the area

Despite having an active and buzzing life, Vilamoura has a very healthy ecosystem. The various species that flock the area are incredible. They can be accessed almost anytime because of the number of boats in its marina. So, before hiring a jet boat in Vilamoura, here are some of the water mammals that can be found in the said area.

Sperm whales

Bottled nose dolphins

Rough toothed dolphins

Common dolphins

False killer whales


Short finned pilot whales

Accessibility to other areas

Again, the marina is the key why the said area is such a huge tourist spot. One boat ride is all it takes to take you to the equally beautiful Algarve. The dolphin safari Algarve has at present is a little more diverse compared to Vilamoura. Primarily because the water temperature there is more optimal for the warm-blooded dolphins and whales. So if you want to see more marine wildlife, try the dolphin tours in the Algarve. Aside from that, hiring a jet boat in Vilamoura to get to Algarve will allow you to experience the brand of jet skiing Algarve has to offer.

Fishing and other activities

Whether you are somebody who enjoys slow strolls to the beach or fishing for sea bass in the Portugal coast, Vilamoura is able to provide you with that. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy trekking, cliff jumping, wall climbing and spelunking, Algarve is the better place for you. To each is to its own really, just make sure you know what you want and enjoy.

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