Rugby Sevens – Hong Kong’s Top Sporting Event Not to be Missed

Sports can be one of the greatest levelers in life. The strongest teams bite the dust one day, and the most unexpected one emerges victorious. It can also act as a humbling experience for many sporting heroes as well. This is what is encouraging the rugby team and its coach of Fiji Islands as they embark on their bid for an Olympic Gold Medal at Rio de Janeiro. The game itself is quite exhilarating, and the fans get thoroughly excited. The same can be said about the rugby sevens tournament, the annual international sports event that brings rugby players and enthusiasts from all over the world to Hong Kong. It could become tough to find tickets and even tougher to find a decent hotel accommodation.



rugby sevens



Find Yourself a Nice Package Deal

If you are keen to be a part of the rugby sevens Hong Kong tournament, next April, then the earlier you pick up the package and make the bookings, the better for you. It’s a 6 day extravaganza which opens with a carnival and then there are concerts before the actual action on the field begins. So the social side of the rugby sevens makes it that much more attractive for the fans. Maybe, if you are more the socialising types and go to Hong Kong next April, you could convert into a rugby fan!

The hotel accommodation, irrespective of which package you choose, would be generally of the 4 or 5 star standard and depending on the tariffs, breakfast might be included in the package. Many of the hotel rooms will have nice views and usually, very close to shopping conveniences and multi cuisine restaurants. With all these attractions and the tickets to the rugby sevens matches at strategic spots inside the stadium, you will have to make your reservations in advance. You will also have to make a decision on your flight tickets to and from Hong Kong. If you can handle it yourself, it is feasible to choose packages that offer everything else. There may be packages with the flight tickets as well to pick from.

Tennis in Australia’s summer

The tennis calendar for each year is kicked off from down under where it is summer when the rest of the world would be in the middle of their winters. The players and the tennis enthusiasts land in different cities in Australia and New Zealand to play some warm-up tournaments before joining the Grand Slam atmosphere in Melbourne, rated one of the best cities in the world. If you are a regular to this event or planning the first one, take a close look at the Australian open tennis 2017 packages, which will give you the 2017 Australian open tickets and other stay and traveling arrangements to enable you to focus on the tennis and to worry less about other things while in Melbourne.

The only major decision you will have to make is: which part of the tournament’s fortnight you plan to take out of the Australian open packages on offer. Sometimes if your desire is to watch the top players in action and not necessarily in the quarter finals or semi finals, then it makes sense to choose the earlier rounds and save on the costs also.

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