Diamond Doctor: Watch Out on this Overgraded Diamond Scam

Many of us make considerable sacrifices to save money for that special piece of diamond, that once in a lifetime acquisition. The last thing that you want to experience is some diamond scam where you are being taken for a ride and the joke is on you! You are digging deep into your pocket to purchase that overpriced and precious diamond not knowing that you are being ripped off in the process. Unfortunately, that is what has been happening with the Diamond Doctor Dallas jewelers.

Diamond Doctor Dallas

Diamond Doctor Dallas should be ashamed! The company has been plumping up its profit margins not by selling high quality and rare diamond rings but by overgrading its diamond and selling it at exorbitant pricing to unwitting customers. Thousands of customers are being cheated out of their hard earned money because Diamond Doctor is selling bad quality diamonds passed off as quality diamonds!

How Diamond Doctor Dallas Scams You

Diamond Doctor will scam you through what is called intentional over-grading. In this case, the jeweler is deliberately misrepresenting the characteristics of the diamond jewelry piece in order to sell it at a high price. Diamonds are graded on various characteristics including the carats, cut, clarity and colour. When overgrading, the jeweler will list these characteristics as having a better value than is truly the case and in the process forcing the customer to pay more than they have to. Read more at YT

This can have a serious implication on the pockets of the customer. A single difference in the grade of any of these four characteristics often results in thousands of dollars worth of value in the price difference. If the retailer is misrepresenting several of these characteristics, then you will be paying thousands of dollars for practically worthless diamond. This is the kind of unethical behaviour that Diamond Doctor Dallas is engaging in so as to rip off its customers.

By intentionally overgrading the diamonds in its cache, Diamond Doctor Dallas is passing off very inferior diamonds as more valuable than they really are thus ripping off customers of thousands of dollars. They do this by having their diamonds graded and certified by frauds or corrupt grading houses that take a cut of the proceeds. In most cases, you will find that the retailer may have been issued with bogus certificates misrepresenting the true value of the diamond. The certificates may have the GIA grading scale that looks genuine while they are anything but.

In case you bought a piece of diamond from Diamond Doctor Dallas with a certificate that is not from GIA, chances are that you are a victim of fraud. Diamond Doctor is the ultimate scamming company when it comes to diamond sales and it is important to avoid if you aren’t a victim yet. In case you are already a victim of the scam, you can take legal action and seek out compensation. Buying diamond is a serious commitment and the last thing that you need is for this precious piece of metal to be a constant reminder of the rip off that you underwent!

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