Determining the Credibility of a Witness in a Car Accident Case

May 7, 2017 | By Nancy | Filed in: Law.

Making car accident claims requires the victim to involve several parties such as the insurance company. The insurance company doesn’t make haste compensation before it’s through with its investigation. If a car accident victim has any witness in place, the insurer would wish to know a few things regarding the credibility of the witness. In fact, most insurers prefer hearing what your witnesses have to say before they send their insurer adjuster. One of the major roles of aggressive auto accident lawyers is assessing the credibility of any witness depending on:

What the witness is relying on

While some witnesses decide to be part of a car accident case with a good motive, others are malice-driven. Substantiating these types of witnesses may not be possible if they are not properly assessed. The main aim of assessing the credibility of the witness is to ensure the information they give is legitimate and reliable. The witness should not depend on the observations others made but on their personal observations. Before your witness meets your insurer, you should first let them meet your aggressive auto accident lawyers to be informed about their roles are in your case.

Witness reputation

Most car accident victims don’t know that witness reputation may determine the credibility of the information their witness would give. Before the witness appears in court, it is important to know whether they have been convicts of any criminal act. According to most car wreck lawyers, it is hard to believe what a witness with a criminal record would say. If it is proved that the witness has been convicted before, it would be hard to trust their information no matter how valid it may be.

Interest of the witness in the case

Before someone decides to be a witness in a car accident case, they have something that drives them to this. Some witnesses could just be driven by the genuineness of the matter while others could have some strings attached. If a witness is a close relative, colleague or friend of one of the parties involved in an accident, they would do whatever they can to favor those that associate with them. If the best car wreck lawyers in Nashville like the Cummings Manookian PLC discover that a witness has strong attachments with any of the drivers, they would consider their information incredible.

Poor eyesight

If a witness has poor eyesight, it would be hard to believe whatever they claim to have seen. In fact, some of the best car wreck lawyers in Nashville question the credibility of eye witnesses they find wearing corrective lenses or prescribed glasses. It could be argued that what they saw was not the real thing that was. Moreover, people with poor eyesight have difficulties identifying the shape and color of a car, physical features of the drivers, geographical features and road conditions at the accident scene.

Of great importance, is working with witnesses with genuine and honest motives towards your car accident case. The character of your witnesses could be the only thing between your fair compensation and imposed charges you didn’t expect. When the court identifies that a witness forged information, the party they were working for may face severe penalties. So it’s good to let your aggressive auto accident lawyers meet your witnesses and assess what they have to say since it is possible for witnesses to unknowingly mess your case in court. To learn more, you can visit

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