5 Most Horrifying And Disturbing Medical Malpractices In Human History

Reported mid-April and a win for medical malpractice attorneys everywhere, EHRs provide a mountain of information to both defend and prosecute medical malpractice cases. Not only are the EHR audit logs a valuable source of information, if a medical malpractice attorney knows where to look, a broader understanding of the healthcare provider’s IT system can also provide necessary clues.

Although medical malpractice is never first date conversation material nor is it anything to joke about, the following list provides a compilation of five of the most brutal medical malpractice stories in human history.

Mutilated Member

If the following ever happened to you, even the most experienced medical malpractice attorney would not be able to save your pride, let alone physical adage. A patient named William Morrison underwent a test that required his manhood to be washed with a solution, consisting of a mere 3-5% acid. What should have been a refreshing experience landed Mr. Morrison probably yelling for his personal injury attorney, when he was given a 72% acid wash instead. You can only imagine an ice cream cone melting on the sidewalk in the middle of summer at this point.

The Wrong Implants

Alexander Baez, a former runner-up Mr. Universe, had an excellent physique to begin with. Like most bodybuilders, he challenged himself further and when he could not achieve the results he so wanted, decided to go under the knife to get peck implants. Although he seemed to trust his surgeon at that time, he should have hired the best medical malpractice attorney instead. When Baez woke up from the anesthetics, he discovered instead of pecks, he had well-rounded C-cups, only to discover from the police that the doctor was a man who posed as a surgeon and lacked legitimate medical credentials.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are the stardust that Hollywood thrillers and comedies are currently made of. It is absolutely normal to have certain personality trait issues in 2017, where relaxants are prescribed to soothe the paranoia. A psychiatrist by the name of Kenneth Olson decided to experiment with his patient who was already suffering from a split personality disorder. He managed to convince his patient she had 120 unique personalities, which also consisted of a duck and the devil. Olson seeing his handiwork imploding slowly, proceeded further in his experiment to perform an unsanctioned exorcism on his patient, resulting in a foot long bill, where he charged all 120 different personalities for his time.

Dr Improvisation

Although getting a legitimate medical degree and adding PhD to your skills should acquire you respect and the ability to rule over the masses, you still remain human. A surgeon was supposed to perform a spine reconstruction surgery on Arturo Iturralde in 2001, when things turned impressively DIY. Once the surgeon cut through the layers of muscle, tissue and bones, he realized that the rods that were supposed to be inserted in Arturo’s back were missing. With wit and wonder, the surgeon improvised by using the next best thing, which was a screwdriver. After sawing off the handle, the surgeon jammed the screwdriver into Arturo’s spine and sewed him back up. Unsurprisingly, Arturo’s back gave out in a few days when the driver snapped, requiring him to get several more painful surgeries after that.

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